The Trader’s Way

Our mission at Trader’s is highly focused. Our method of doing business completely unique.

Trader’s is a “no-brand” branding company.
We spread your messaging and promote your business
– Not Our own.

From inception to execution, the “Trader’s Way” of merchandising is tailored specifically to enhance our client’s brand via a complete and proven formula for success.

Our Process

One stop shop

From initial design consultation to production to retail sales, our experienced Trader’s staff can handle all facets of profitable event merchandising and business apparel. We specialize in producing a wide range of best-in-class wearables and event-specific merchandise.  

A big part of our success story is creating complete retail pop-up shops and staffing solutions for trade shows and special events. Trader’s bright red trailers are manufactured specifically for elevating the retail experience for attendees while maximizing profits for our clients. 

event branding

Whether incorporating a client’s existing branding or starting with a fresh concept, our talented team can design a wide range of merchandise that flows seamlessly into our production process. To ensure a program’s ultimate success, Trader’s also researches demographics, slogans, and apparel colors that targets an event’s specific audience. We also source and inventory the very best apparel brands that add to the perceived value of your branded merchandise. 

The Utility Expo
Red SEMA Show logo with stylized font.
OTC event logo with wave design.
Sand Sports Super Show event logo.
CES logo with overlapping geometric shapes.
Spring Edition Off-Road Expo logo presented by Nitto.
World of Concrete event logo with graphic.
Mint 400 off-road race logo
Logo of FABTECH company in black text.
Overland Expo event logo with compass design.
Red PRI abbreviation logo
Crandon International Raceway logo with star.
Trader Tim's Tie-Downs logo with stylized font
Bark River International Raceway logo with checkered flag.
Black and white abstract symmetrical pattern.
Logo of the MJBizCon conference.
BMW MOA 50th anniversary logo with motorcyclist.
California 300 off-road race emblem with bear silhouette
Iola Car Show logo with swap meet text.

Royalty-based event profit

Our process for event and trade show clientele includes the investment by Trader’s for all design, inventory, production, transportation, and staffing costs. Not only do we provide the most professional, turn-key merchandising programs in the industry, but in most cases, we also absorb all the up-front costs. 

Are POP cash sales fees included? Yes.
Merchant services cost? We cover it.
State sales tax? Covered.

Clients receive payment royalties based on overall merchandise sales within weeks of the event’s completion. In other words, we are true partners as focused on success as you are. 

On-Site Embellishment

We have the resources to create custom apparel for your attendees — made right in front of them. 

Customers can choose a graphic design and the garment color it will be printed on. This interactive attraction allows Trader’s clients to add even more value to their show experience, allowing attendees to leave with a custom shirt that they designed. 

Having the capability to print on-site also keeps our stores stocked with all sizes and gives us the power to adapt inventory demands instantly.  

Customizable Signage

Without question, our highly specialized fleet of rolling equipment sets a new industry standard. 

Whether parked or rolling down the highway, Trader’s bright red merchandising vehicles demand attention wherever they go.  We now provide customized event branding on the sides, front, and rear of our retail trailers to enhance our partnerships even more. 

These are rolling billboards traveling to your event. People seeing our fleet on America’s highway have no question where we are headed.