Our Fleet

Representing decades of experience and thousands of cross-country miles, our newly expanded fleet of merchant trailers is an investment in creating an ultimate state-of-the-art consumer retail experience.

Looking for indoor or additional retail space? No worries. Trader’s will also design, produce, and activate specialized pop-up sales display booths and kiosks.

All carrying the now famous shade of “Trader’s Red”, they become a recognized landmark for every event.

f1/p1 (53′ featherlite)

This mighty Trader’s F1 spread axle vending trailer offers the largest vending area of our fleet. Featuring a full-length upstairs attic for additional inventory, the F1 also incorporates an on-board generator and complete Starlink communication to facilitate retail sales in remote locations. We couple F1 with a matching long wheelbase Peterbilt (P1).

f2/p2 (53′ featherlite)

Similar in appearance to our F1 unit, our F2 tandem vendor trailer is a sizable vending area along with Trader’s unique onsite manufacturing capability. F2 carries an on-board generator and Starlink communication system. We couple F2 with our long wheelbase Peterbilt (P2).

k1/p3 (53′ Kentucky)

This is Trader’s highly versatile tandem axle trailer. K1 offers a large vending area and integrated onsite manufacturing capability. What’s unique about this unit is the additional set of vending doors located at the rear of the trailer. This area can be used as a box office, will-call, or VIP window. It adds additional signage capabilities and can showcase on-site, made-to-order embellishment. Trader’s K1 also features vertical vending doors that allow double-siding branding to be elevated 16 feet above ground. The unit carries an on-board generator and Starlink communication system. We couple K1 to our long wheelbase Peterbilt (P3).

m1 (30′ Chevrolet 6500)

Over two years in the making, M1 is our new medium-duty crew cab mobile manufacturing truck. This unit features a complete manufacturing area within its custom-built, all-aluminum body. M1 combines all the features needed to create powerful on-site activation. A generator, air compressor, six embellishing machines, lift gate, overhead storage, and tailor hitch are all part of the M1 design. Starlink communication is also included, as is seating for five Trader’s team members for efficient transportation to and from events. Coupled with Big Red, it makes the most efficient non-CDL mobile merchandising rig in the country.

BR, “Big RED” (32′ intech)

Meet our all-aluminum V-nose vending trailer. Specifically designed to Trader’s exacting specifications, Big Red is a bumper pull unit that packs a lot of punch in a compact design. Once parked, the stand-up overhead rigging allows branding to be placed 12 feet above ground. An onboard generator and Starlink communications system completes this trailer. We couple Big Red with M1 to create large volume capabilities and on-site manufacturing.

lr “little red” (28′ intech)

Here is Trader’s slightly smaller all-aluminum V-nose vending trailer. Like it’s big brother, Little Red was built to our specifications. It offers a lot of capability in a compact design. Stand-up overhead rigging allows branding to be placed over 12 feet above ground. On board generator and Starlink complete the trailer. Couple with M1 this combination offers great volume capabilities and on-site manufacturing.