Event Staffing

Elevating your event with our staff.

Expert Staffing and Mobile Retail Solutions

Our secret to revolutionizing merchandise sales at events and tradeshows lies not just in our exceptional fleet but also in our comprehensive event staffing solutions. Our top-tier “Trader’s Red” trailers and pop-up shops, adorned with specific branding through high-quality decals and graphics, are the stages upon which our skilled sales and support staff shine.

More than mere points of sale, our mobile retail experiences are meticulously managed by our team, ensuring every clothing item and piece of merchandise is displayed with utmost care. For events requiring a broader reach, we excel in deploying various pop-up retail locations, each one harmonized with the event’s graphic theme and ambiance, and all are seamlessly integrated into the show’s overall vibe.

Our staff, experienced in the nuances of event merchandising, are adept at operating on-site embellishment machinery, enabling the production of customized product offerings directly at the event. This blend of strategic placement, skilled staffing, and on-demand production guarantees not only enhanced service to event attendees but also maximizes your merchandise sales potential. Let us handle your event staffing needs, and watch as we transform each sales opportunity into a memorable shopping experience for your audience.