Branded Trailers and Pop-Up Shops

Taking Your Show on Our Road.

Mobile Retail Mastery

The real secret to our unmatched customer service is our fleet of top-tier trailers and pop-up shops. These are set up and parked at events and tradeshows carrying specific branding via high-quality decals and graphics. 

Far more than basic trailers, our fleet of “Trader’s Red” equipment is mobile retail experiences. Clothing and merchandise are displayed with care. Some of our larger equipment also incorporates embellishment machinery to produce product offerings right on-site!

Many of our larger trade shows require multiple points of sale. In addition to our mobile trailers, we specialize in adding various pop-up retail locations to serve event attendees better. These pop-up spaces are carefully curated to match the event’s graphic theme and the show’s overall vibe. 

Of course, these retail locations are fully staffed by an experienced Trader’s sales and support staff.